Most people reading this blog have loved ones.  An individual or family that they care deeply for.

Sometimes that worry keeps us awake.

From the teenage daughter that stayed out with friends and didn’t tell you where she was, to the son who has gone to the house party, or the friend who went on a date with a guy she met on Tinder.

The fact is we worry about those we love because they matter to us.

But here is the question; what if you had to protect them?

What if you got the call from your son at 11 pm to say there was a lad who wanted to beat him up and he was scared.

What if your daughter text you to say she was at an address and she wanted to come home, but her friend wouldn’t let her, and some lads were trying to get her drunk?

Would you feel confident that you could go to them and ‘rescue them’?

Or would you feel that you do not have the skills if things got ‘physical’?

You see the reason I say this is because when you go to any self-defence training provider, you are not only buying from them but placing the safety of your family and loved ones into their hands.

It is not a direct responsibility, but ultimately a provider of self-defence training is saying ‘if you learn from us then when push comes to shove, our training will keep you  and your loved ones safe.’

So it begs the question who can you trust with such a great responsibility?

In this article, we are going to answer the question ‘who in the self-defence world can you trust’?


It All Starts With Honesty

I was called a rather rude name by someone the other day. As usual, it was an online Troll who did not believe that Defence Lab worked.

The way I look at this is straightforward; everyone is free to choose any self-defence system or Martial Art they like.

That is the beauty of our world.


Because it is your decision, YOU must take responsibility for it.

So when you turn up to the house party and are confronted with a group of lads who want to kick your son’s teeth in and all that stands between them and your son is you, well, you better make sure the system you choose delivers.

But how do you know which system is the best?

Simple, ask people who have experience of real-life violence.

It doesn’t come any easier than that.

If you are new to this blog, you might not know my CV, so here it is:

17 years Police Experience


Judo black belt

Experience in Vale Tudo

Submission Grappling

Defence Lab


And after all those years training in what people would consider ‘good activities’ for self-defence skills I recommend Defence Lab.

Other martial arts and systems are going to be good that I have never experienced.

However, this is a post about who I can say you can trust with your safety and without a doubt that is Defence Lab.

But is there something that I would say you can’t trust?

Actually yes there is!


If It Won’t Work Why Use It

I love the name Defence Lab because it implies that the sessions are a laboratory.

You go into a Defence Lab, and things are tested.

On day one there is a simple test, one person stands in the middle, and a group of 3  to 4 (sometimes more) bash them with pads.

What does that tell the person in the middle? That every one of those strikes (that didn’t hurt because they were pads) would have landed in a real fight.

This one simple test is a game changer for many.

It is staggering how many Martial Arts and self-defence systems do not test their techniques honestly.

Because saying you pressure test and doing so with honesty are two different things!

Let us take a simple block.

If your system or coach teaches a block, you start off by learning it slowly. Then you build up the speed, and finally, you add some power.

Eventually, you add some movement, and finally, you test it at full speed and full power.

Does it still work? Or are you not testing it?

If your system doesn’t test itself, how can you know it works?

Trust those who test do not trust those that do not!

It is easy to give a demo against an opponent that complies because almost all demonstrations have to involve that.

The trouble is that we often judge a book by its cover.

We believe in the blurb and never once stop to ask ourselves ‘does this work?’

I was at a seminar once with a man who said ‘I taught the Israelis’.

He told a tale that he had been picked up and paid to teach the elite security forces of Israel his techniques.

He later went on to try and teach us a no-touch knockout.

He stood a room full of tough men and women and encouraged us to seek to focus our ‘inner energy.’  The aim was to try and get our training partners to feel heat in their midsection.

We tried it, we tested it, and it failed, but the instructor said ‘we weren’t ready’.

My point is this, don’t believe in the ‘stories’ of who the instructor has taught.

Instead, test things out!

We had a guy who on paper was amazing, so we tested him and his system out, and it didn’t work.

So it turns out there is someone you can trust, you can trust yourself.

Always be testing.

Thanks for reading

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