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Super Sparks: Kids 4-7 yr olds

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Super Sparks lessons are packed with fun, fitness, discipline and, most importantly self-defence. This all develops confidence and self-esteem. We use games and fun to help develop good technique and skills at the same time learning self-control and motor-skills development.

Class Information

Defence Lab Kids is an exciting, action-packed program aimed at developing kids confidence and respect for others as well as their physical skills in martial arts and self-defence without generating any violence. In kids martial art classes we work on improving child’s ability to focus and concentrate.

KEEP THEM SAFE by helping them to learn a truly effective Self-Defence System to protect themselves against all sorts of dangers:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Stranger Danger
  • Building Awareness
  • How to Avoid Danger
  • How to React to Danger

In this dynamic program for children, Defence Lab Kids classes will give them the skills and abilities to stay safe with our anti-bullying training and awareness, develop fitness and confidence alongside ethical, moral and character education.

Acquiring motor skills is just one part of children’s development. Mastering both fine and gross motor skills are important for children’s growth and independence. Having good motor control helps children explore the world around them and also helps with their cognitive development.


Telford: Telford College (Sports Centre)
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Shrewsbury: The Priory School
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MONDAYS – 17:30-18:15
WEDNESDAYS – 17:30-18:15
FRIDAYS – 17:30-18:15

TUESDAYS – 18:00-18:45
THURSDAYS – 18:00-18:45
SATURDAYS – 10:00-10:45

I would highly recommend The Defence Lab. My son trains at TCAT and really looks forward to his lessons. The dedication, hardwork and professionalism Rav and Dave put in shines through in the classes enthusiasm. It flows naturally whilst learning the self-defence very much needed for today's society in the western world...

Louise BurnsClass Type: Kids | Class Location: Wellington, Shropshire

Rav and Dave are so passionate about what they do, and that comes across each and every week. Our 9 yr old daughter is gaining confidence, in everything she does, due to the sessions with Defence Lab... Would definitely recommend!

Paul HumphriesClass Type: Kids | Class Location: Wellington, Shropshire

The first activity that Noah has really got into - he loves it - Monday and Friday's sessions are the highlight of his week

Andrew WilliamsClass Type: Kids | Class Location: Wellington, Shropshire

My son loves going. Friendly and welcoming instructors I would recommend them highly.

Rachael Anne CreekClass Type: Kids | Class Location: Wellington, Shropshire

Get a week free trial today - that's up to 3 FREE classes!