Our Instructors

At Defence Lab Shropshire our instructors have the highest level of skills and have internationally recognised Expert Level Standards.

Meet Our Instructors

Our Instructors have previously gained extensive training in multiple martial art disciples such as kickboxing, Savate, Thai boxing, MMA, Krav Maga and KFM. With training, they also have reality-based experience in the Army, Close protection (Bodyguarding) and Door services for over 10 years.

Our instructors are continually training and studying martial arts to keep up to date and provide the latest knowledge to their students. They also receive ongoing training on how to provide quality teaching to ensure students learn life skills, achieve fitness and have fun at the same time.

Our team are approachable, passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced with kids, especially nervous ones. We help adults to achieve their goals and ambitions through the first class methodology.

We regularly monitor student’s progress and provide constructive feedback to make sure they continue to improve throughout their Defence Lab journey.

Ravi Shergill

Lead Instructor

Ravi Shergill is a professional Martial Arts Trainer, training adults and children.

Ravi also has extensive experience in different martial art disciplines such as Krav Maga, Savate French Kickboxing, MMA and KFM.

Ravi is a black belt in Defence Lab and has completed the entire martial arts training privately with world class instructors.

Alongside martial arts, Ravi had a successful 10-year career as a Senior Door Supervisor and Close Protection Officer. Ravi continues to study martial arts for his personal development and makes long journeys outside of the country to train with world-class instructors.

Ravi is passionate and dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and ambitions through his first-class teaching methodology. Ravi also has enhanced DBS certificate.

Dave Prime


Dave is a professional Martial Arts Instructor, teaching both adults and children.

Dave is black belt in Defence Lab and also have two years private training in Filipino Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Prior to this, Dave served 11 years in the British Army then completed his Close Protection course. As a Close Protection Officer, Dave worked with many celebrities and at a number of high profile venues and events. Dave has also worked as a Door Supervisor in nightclubs throughout the country.

Dave has his First Aid certificate, Level Two Gym Instructor certificate and has an enhanced DBS certificate. He is approachable, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced with children. Dave bases his teaching on emphasising realistic self-defence skills in a safe manner which is fun.

Kylie Morgan

CIT Instructor

Kylie Morgan is our CIT Instructor. She has always been passionate about Martial Arts which is why she found Defence Lab beneficial to her life. She has been with Defence Lab for one year and training with Rav Shergill privately to embrace her passion, this has encouraged her to
complete a level 2 diploma in nutrition and fitness instruction. As well as being a registered first aider, she also holds an enhanced DBS certificate.

She is very passionate about the biological, social and developmental growth of children in self-defence classes from age 4-7. She is passionate about classes builds their confidence and relationships with other students, which in turn encourages children at a young age to participate in team-work and develop their motor skills. Students have gained the confidence to recognise different abilities and mindsets, this prevents judgments and encourages assistance and support from other members of the class when needed; Students have taken their new abilities into daily
life and even used their new skills at school and their personal life.

Andy Norman (Founder of Defence Lab & Fight Science)


Andy Norman, the founder of Defence Lab is known in Hollywood for creating some of the biggest fight scenes in blockbuster movies such as Batman and the Mission Impossible movies.
Defence Lab has been working as fight consultants to the Hollywood film industry since 2004 when Paul Jennings (top Hollywood Second Unit Director) gave our founder, Andy Norman, his first big break in Batman Begins. Defence Lab has since gone on to consult and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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