Self defence for the streets...

"We study violence so as to escape it...
...prevent it,
...and if all else fails,
...utilise it ourselves to survive."

A global network of self-defence and fitness facilities. It is a scientific study of physical and mental aspects of combat system and self-defence. Defence Lab is a free-thinking reality-based martial art for both kids and adults. Defence Lab Shropshire is a martial art school based in Telford & Shrewsbury. Our schools caters for all skills and abilities and we operate in the following age groups:

Kids 4-7 years old - Super Sparks

Kids 8-14 years old - Street Smart

Teen to Adult - DNA Fight Science

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Popular questions we get asked

What is Defence Lab?

Defence Lab is UK born martial art, Defence Lab is a global network of self defence and fitness facilities. Defence Lab is a scientific study of both the physical and mental aspects of self defence and reality combat.

From what age do the classes start?

Super spark program start from age 4

Am I too old to attend the class?

We have students over 60+ there is no age limit. All we ask is for students to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

I have never done any martial arts before can I come to the class?

We accommodate both beginner and experienced students.

What is the environment like in our classes?

All of our classes are very welcoming, we encourage a safe place to learn, we work as a team and support each other. We also ensure students have fun each time they attend a class.

Why prices are not mentioned on the website?

We recommend attending the free trial to see the benefit you will receive for the amount you will pay. We strongly believe once you had a feel for the class and had a chat with one of our instructors it will help you to make an informed decision regarding investing in your personal development.

Are your classes open during half term?

We only close bank holidays and during the Christmas period.

Do I need to have certain level of fitness to join the class?

No people come to our school to get fit, as a professional instructor we do push you out from comfort zone and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Will there be family discount?

Yes we do 25% discount to family.

My child has anxiety issue will this suit him/her?

We have few students who have anxiety and have reported an improvement in their anxiety symptoms since they have started training with us. We are offering free trial in which will be able to advise how we can help and work around it.

What do we expect to learn in class?

Build confidence, fitness, Discipline, core strength, flexibility, burn fat and learning unique skills of self-defence and fun.

What experience Instructor have in Defence Lab?

Our instructors are highly qualified with Black Belts and have internationally recognised Expert Level Standards. With training, they also have reality-based experience in the Army, Close protection (Bodyguarding) and Doorman for over 10 years.

Telford Classes

TCAT College Sports Centre, Hazeldine House, Haybridge Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2NP

Shrewsbury Classes

The Priory School, Longden Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EE

Get a week free trial today - that's up to 3 FREE classes!