When you become a parent, there is a feeling that hits you all of a sudden.

In amongst the happiness is a sudden flash of worry.

You realise in a split second that you now must not only protect yourself in life but also your child.

And nothing concerns a parent more than the fear that their child will be bullied or physically harmed by other children.

And so the duty of protecting our children is one we readily accept.

Yet as they get older our children go out on their own and discover the world for themselves.

As parents, we accept this and still worry, so for many parents, the best option is to teach their children some form of Martial Art of Self-Defence system.

And this is where it gets all confusing.

Which is the right choice for my child?

And in this article, we are going to lay the specific benefits that children receive from training at a Defence Lab.

Ready? Let’s do this:

1. Friendship

Defence Lab is a community, not just a self-defence system.

If you have ever been to a DL event, you will see people who have never met each other bond because of the shared interest.

Everyone is there to learn how to protect themselves.

Team DL is very much a core part of what we do and when your child joins Defence Lab they join fellow children who are also part of that community.

We see the children bond through cooperative training drills, games and of course fun.

Nothing brings children together like smiles.

And smile they will, as their confidence levels improve, along with their coordination, fitness and ability to protect themselves.

2. Confidence

We mentioned it before, but we need to be specific.

Children come to self-defence lessons for one of a few reasons, either they are being bullied and having their confidence battered every day, or it is because parents are concerned about their child in some way, be it their health or safety.

Either way, Defence Lab training will help a child to feel confident because they will be in a positive environment that will develop their physical well being.

The first portal of confidence will, of course, be the friendly community, but more than this the child will start to improve their coordination through a range of drills.

This leads to enhanced physical fitness and of course the ability to protect themselves.

Defence Lab is not merely a self-defence system; it is a method of transformation.

3. Respect

We talk about respect a lot in today’s society.

And the Martial Arts are one of the best ways to learn respect because we show respect repeatedly during every class.

You will thank your teacher, thank your fellow students after each drill (because without a training partner you can’t improve).

And at the end of each lesson, we all thank each other.

If respect were water, your child would feel a waterfall of respect each session.

And this level of respect changes people, we see it week and out.

4. Teamwork

We need to work together to make the world a better place.

This much is clear.

However, when we look at the current state of the world, it is hard to see a great deal of teamwork going on.

At Defence Lab, we believe that children are the future and as such we know the importance of teamwork. Defence Lab itself is built from the hard work of a team.

As such the drills and games we use in lessons are also designed to encourage teamwork.

From encouraging kids to work as a team, that sense of belonging that we talked about will instil the power of teamwork into your child.

Your child will learn that when you work in a team you can thrive.

5. The Ability To Kick Ass If They Need To

No parent wants to see their child beaten up, but it happens, and these days kids don’t fight fair.

Gone are the days where you would ‘duke it out’ one on one to sort an issue.

Now we have 2 on 1, 3 on 1 and often far more.

The Defence Lab techniques taught to children are the same techniques taught to adults, the same techniques taught all over the world and the same techniques that are being taught to UK police officers.

We designed our techniques for self-defence situations we face in the modern world and not for ‘ancient Japan’.

The result is that our children possess the knowledge to protect themselves and stand up to bullies should they need to.


There you have it, the specifics of what your child will gain from training with Defence Lab.

Defence Lab is a global self-defence system and therefore you can expect the same quality in every location.

Our children are our most precious asset and enrolling them in Defence Lab training is one of the best gifts you can give your ‘mini you’.

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