Defence Lab Kids Martial Arts Classes

Defence Lab Kids is an exciting, action-packed program aimed at developing kids confidence and respect for others as well as their physical skills in martial arts and self defence without generating any violence. In kids martial art classes we work on improving child’s ability to focus and concentrate.

This dynamic program is for children aged 4-14 years. Defence Lab Kids classes will give them the skills and abilities to stay safe, develop fitness and confidence alongside ethical, moral and character education. We also offer 6 weeks anti-bullying courses.

Super Sparks 4-7 years

Super Sparks lessons are packed with fun, fitness, discipline and, most importantly self defence. This all develops confidence and self-esteem.

We use games and fun to help develop good technique and skills at the same time learning self control and motor-skill development.

Street Smart 8-14 years

Street Smart works to empower kids developing confidence and respect for themselves and others. Lessons focus on health and fitness, personal safety, self discipline,standing up for themselves and anti-bully physical & mental tactics.

It’s a great way to make new friends at the same time as developing important life skills to succeed using our revolutionary ‘Real World Self Defence’ concept.