Ravi's Blog


From the age of 18 I started working as a door supervisor in night clubs and bars. After working for 10 years in several towns and cities, I had developed an understanding of how important self-defence is. I have always been passionate about martial arts as it gives me the capacity to defend myself in any situation. I have learned various martial art styles such as Krav Maga, Savate, MMA and KFM before I started my journey with Defence Lab.

Four year ago I met James Boyle, a black belt in Defence Lab Martial Art. Training privately one-to-one with him made me think again about how can I defend myself against multiple opponents in the reality of the modern world. After just a few days of Defence Lab it started changing my perceptions and boosted my confidence in the reality of the street. I was fortunate to continue my training with Andy Norman, founder of Defence Lab and his crew members. This taught me the inner depth of the system through the different processes and procedures. Defence Lab is constantly adjusting and evolving. It has made huge impact on me and been a catalyst to change my life.

Dave's Blog

From the British Army to Defence Lab

In 1998, I joined the British Army where I carried out several tours and had many different experiences. However after 11 years I decided it was time to pursue other adventures.I completed a Close Protection course as this was something that I have always aspired to do. I quickly gained employment in London as a Close Protection Officer, Door Supervisor and Senior Security Officer which led to further employment around the country at many different venues and events. In my spare time I received private, one-to-one training in Filipino Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

I moved to Shropshire with my family in 2010 and continued door supervision where I met Ravi Shergill. My private training sessions with Ravi got me thinking and opened my eyes to different ways to defend myself against multiple opponents. Even after just a few sessions of Defence Lab my confidence began to grow. It made me more aware of my surroundings and how to defend myself in real life situations. My ultimate goal is to achieve my black belt.

Defence Lab is something truly amazing. It has changed my life by boosting my confidence, increasing my motivation and maintaining my level of fitness. It has enabled me to help and teach people with this amazing self defence, fighting system. Defence Lab is for everyone from the young to the mature, male and female and is a privilege to teach.Defence Lab is non-stop learning, you have got everything to gain and nothing to lose. It really does make you think in a different way.