Decrypting the “Chaos Code”

DNA Fight Science Adults Martial Arts Classes

  • The DNA Fight Science martial art and self defence program is an ‘Evolved’ Combat System. It is the outcome of real-life experiences, pressure testing, research and investigations over the past 30 years.

DNA – ‘Defence In Attack; perfectly describes what we do.’ (Andy Norman)

  • Learn it. Fatigue it. Stress it out.

There are three steps to fully learn the technique of self defence using the DNA System:

  1. LEARN IT – You must first learn and understand how the martial art techniques and moves work.
  2. FATIGUE IT – You must drill and train the moves until you develop muscle memory.
  3. STRESS IT OUT – This is the part that makes Defence Lab Shropshire martial art school different than any other martial art schools. We must learn to function under stress. To ‘stress it out’ we undertake sparring, combat scenarios (such as a bar or club) and stress drills.
  • Does it really work?

DNA Fight Science is not just another martial art or self-defence program. It is a complete self defence system that develops with you on your journey allowing you to harness your full potential and achieve your goals.

At Defence Lab Shropshire martial school all techniques and principles are tested and adapted, making it ‘a place of investigation’ where you can use our inspirational training methodology to open up a whole new world of understanding and appreciation of realistic self defence.