Defence Lab Shropshire located in Telford is reality based martial art school teaching modern 21st century self defence tactics based on 30 years study of human instinct. We focus on Self Confidence, Self Control, Self Discipline, Self Defence, Respect, Fitness, Weight loss, Concentration

Benefit of Self Defence and Martial Arts

· Self Confidence: Self-defense classes boost your self confidence and esteem. At Defence Lab Shropshire martial classes we push you out of your comfort zone. Therefore,helping discover self confidence in achieving any goal you set in your mind.

· Safety: Self Defence classes will give you the ability to protect yourself and understand the human energy. In classes you will gain life changing knowledge and training to defend yourself from any dangerous situation.

· Focus: Self defense classes will enhance your awareness of your surroundings and increase your concentration level especially when you train under stress based on reality situation. It will increase your reflexes and reaction times in all activities.

· Body Work Out: Self Defence classes along with mental training equally focus on physical training also. The initial warm up session which involves aerobic and cardio exercise will help in improving endurance, flexibility and strength.